Ben Catoe – Owner

Third-generation owner Ben Catoe took over for his father Mark in 2019, inheriting a thriving business at a very strange time in our country’s history. Customers old and new have been working with Ben since he was just a kid, and his experience and love for his customers is what makes him a great steward to bring freshness and growth to the dealership. Ben is a proud gamecock and graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Rhetoric with a minor in Linguistics. In his spare time, you can find our fearless leader in his studio, constantly making music (sometimes, it even sounds good!)

Matt Steadman – General Manager, Service Manager

At any given time, Matt is the hardest working employee on site. Promoted to General Manager at just 24 years old, Matt is a dedicated and talented employee, working as a certified lawn mower technician, the primary staff trainer, manager of the service center, and heads most general ground maintenance. If something is off at Catoe’s, Matt knows what, how, and why. Matt is our only employee who was not related to Mr. Bernard Catoe, founder of Catoe’s, that had the privilege of being trained by the man who founded the business. Matt humbly appreciates the opportunity to have learned leadership and management from a man like Mr. Catoe, and puts that excellence to work every single day. In his free time, Matt is working on his truck, hunting, or enjoying a fire and a beer with friends.

Andrew Catoe – Parts Manager

Like Ben, Andrew has spent a large part of his life growing and learning in the dealership. Our second longest tenured employee, Andrew may not be known for a bright smile at 8am, but he absolutely knows what weird part you’re trying to describe. He remembers that one year they did that one thing with the weird bolt and all… consider him our encyclopedia. His spare time is spent on video games, which is why he also heads IT!

Jeremy Kazee – Product Specialist and Lead Salesman

Jeremy hails from the far away land of Ohio, and came to us by route of Southern States, LLC in Charlotte, NC, where he gained his roots working with STIHL and large agricultural equipment. Jeremy is one of our newer employees, joining the team right at the end of 2020 (what a time to come on board, right?) After an incredible first year, Jeremy has proven to be an irreplaceable asset. Want a discount? Compliment the Pats or sing Country Roads (he went to WVU!)

Noah Silva – Parts

Noah is the newest member of team Catoe’s, and comes to us with a ton of retail experience and a reputation for keeping cool under pressure. While he is new to the OPE business, customers have loved working with a quick study. Noah, like his boss, is an avid Chelsea FC fan, video game nerd, and overall neat guy, and also graduated from The University of South Carolina.

Andrew Dalhberg – Service Writer

Andrew Dalhberg came to us with experience in marine repair and serves as the primary point of contact for the repair center. Grab Andrew D for inquiries on repair times, quotes, or service advice! Andrew is our resident history buff, having recently completed his degree in History at the University of South Carolina. Ask him about some random battle…maybe the Battle of Hastings? He knows them all.. Rick Kitchings – 2 Stroke Mechanic
Rick is our longest tenured employee, with well over 25 years of experience working with Catoe’s. A graduate of Spring Valley High School, Rick is an SC native with life long ties to the area. He proudly holds STIHL Silver Certification and has repaired thousands of units. Rick loves lots of things, but Elvis and Motorcycles are right on up there!

Ellis McElveen – 4 Stroke Mechanic

Ellis is our youngest employee, having recently graduated from A.C Flora High School. Ellis joined our team as a shop assistant and quickly showed a talent and work ethic that landed him in an apprenticeship that he, unsurprisingly, flew right through as well. As of March, 2022, we are proud to announce that Ellis, fondly known as “Elbow” has his own service bay and lift now! Elbow duck hunts and plays with his dog, that’s all the boy needs.